My work deals with issues of self and identity. More specifically it investigates and questions the dualistic nature and authenticity of self as an individual or as part of a collective whole. I am also interested in my role as an artist and visual rhetor and how that is transcribed to the viewer. My work is engaged in developing a dialogue with the viewer in effort to evoke a shared entryway into sentimental and/or critical inquiry. I consider myself an interdisciplinary artist and as such, I do not privilege a specific media. Rather I tend toward fostering concept and adapt media to suit those concerns.

Working within the spatial context, my art questions the idea of authenticity and identity formation as it relates to multi-ethnicity and the feminine/feminism. My work also investigates dualistic tendencies that are dominant and submissive within the self. My ethnicity spans two cultures and I am concurrently Asian (Korean) and Caucasian (North American). This dichotomy has proven itself to be blessing and curse, each dependent upon the specificity of any given situation. Though these are the most obvious of the dualities that are existent, matters become complicated when such things as feminine/masculine, artist/wife, teacher/student, adult/child, activist/pacifist, etc. negotiate themselves within challenging social and cultural conventions.

My recent work continues my investigation with a selective ambit into notions of hypocrisy. This work attempts to critically examine my own hypocrisy within the context of a socially hypocritical culture.