The APSU Downtown Gallery presents Seriously (WTF) by Donna Stack ’96 from August 5-28, 2010, with an opening reception from 5 pm until 8 pm on August 5th.

Donna Stack will present a selection of video and installation works that explores her ongoing investigation into issues of identity, femininity and authenticity, with a selective ambit into how hypocrisy functions within these realms.  Stack has long been interested in exploring the authenticity of her choices having lived within a culture of indoctrination and how that has affected her world and self view. What she has discovered is that hypocrisy is the main constant she contends with. Seriously (WTF) attempts to critically examine her own hypocrisy within the context of a socially hypocritical culture. Click here for Press Release in PDF.

Donna Stack participated in the exhibition Family Matters at Sushi: A Center for Urban Arts in San Diego, March 4 through April 17, 2010. Read about it here: Parts of a whole.

Donna Stack was awarded a Mini Artist Grant from the Iowa Arts Council in August, 2009 for her solo exhibition Refuge(e) Iowa at Mount Mercy College, November 10-December 11, 2009.

Cold Comfort was on view at the Masur Muesum of Art in Monroe, LA from June 30-August 15, 2009

Rush Arts in Miami
December 4-6, 2008
Click Here for Press Release in PDF